384px-efmo_view_from_fire_pointThis blog will be going on hiatus for a while — maybe a long while — as other projects take over.  I’ve been doing some historical research on the local area — specifically, on the first white settler who squatted on this land just a few years before the tragic final Indian removal of 1833 — and his story is so enchanting,  I have a feeling it’s going to consume me for quite a while.

375px-elwood_cabin_rio_grande_forest_colorado_september_2013I still have six months to go on my blog contract, and may return to it yet, or may just let the year run out.  For now, the project’s on hold, but I thank my little band of followers for following, and wish you all happy and prosperous blogging, as well as wonderful holidays just around the corner.  🙂




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